Dog sledge tour in the winter kingdome of Swedish Lapland.
Dog sledge tour in the winter kingdome of Swedish Lapland.

The best way to experience the silence of our wilderness is to glide through it almost soundless on a sled pulled by huskies. You will ride through forest and across lakes, over rivers and bog-lands in the rolling landscape. The dogs are in their natural element, pulling you on, happily wagging their tails. When you make a stop, the silence of the wilderness is so compact that you can almost hear your own heart beat1, And when running, the only sound is the soft whisper of the runners.

Our Musher will come and pick you up at your accommodation. You will be taken out on the countryside and on the way; you might spot some wildlife, though the trip is short, 10 – 15 minutes. Upon arrival, the first thing to do is to get acquainted with the dogs. Then you will help to harness them, to get ready for the trip. There will be security instructions given and check of all clothing to make sure that everyone is fit for whatever temperature it might be. Off you go then, whether it is for the short or long trip. There is also the option of a combo-drive, which means the Musher drives the 1st team on the lead; you and your friends on the 2nd team take turns at the helm, so everyone can mush. The long trip takes you out for the full day, making your own mushing (taking turns) and having lunch at a mushers’ hut along the way. For all options, there’s always a break by a fire, hot drink and a snack. Once you’re back at the kennel, you help to unharnesses the dogs before you’ll be taken back to your lodging.



2-hour trip
1 500 SEK per person
750 SEK for children up to 12 years

2-hour combo-trip
1 800 SEK per person
900 SEK for children up to 12 years

5-hour full day trip
2 800 SEK per person
1 400 SEK for children up to 12 years