Horse sledge tour in the winter kingdome.
Horse sledge tour in the winter kingdome.

The movements of the horse give life to the bells jingle tone. You are well tucked in under the furs, gliding through the frozen white landscape. Deep into the forest there is a special place where we make up a crackling fire and we can grill a sausage and have a hot drink, when we make a break.

You will be picked up at your accommodation by our horseman an taken to the stable where the trip will start. He will make sure that you are properly dressed. You can also feel free to make all the questions you want, about how to live and survive in our harsh climate and what the solutions are, when and if, the infrastructure breaks down. Which actually happens from time to time, even in our modern times, when power- and telephone grids flaws by natures forces like wind or snowstorms. When the trip is over you will be brought back to your lodging.


725 SEK per person
20 % discount for children from 2–12 years