northern lights

experience the beautiful and mystic aurora borealis

Northern lights. Aurora borealis.

Experience the beautiful and mystic northern light.

on the lookout for northern lights

We have scouts out there in the wilderness. When they see northern lights, we will call you, day or night. 45 minutes after the phone call we will gather at the reception, where our guide will meet you and take you out to the best location to experience northern lights.

Upon arrival you will get a reindeer skin and a good place to look out for northern lights. The guide will light a fire during that time. We will gather around the fire and the guide will tell you more about the phenomenon of northern lights. Before the journey back to the hotel, we will barbecue sausages and enjoy a warm drink.

activity information

  • 1,900 SEK per person
  • 950 SEK for children 7-12 years